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Welcome to the all new website!
Please note, this new site is a work-in-progress.  With so much coming up this summer we have elected to push out this much cleaner layout, with a much faster article posting back-end, and work on the features.

New on left, old on right.

New on left, old on right.


Front End – Completed features

  • Content focussed layout.
  • Top banner hidden if not used, vastly increasing area for content.
  • Feature article tiles increased to 4, up from 3.
  • First-page load now shows 7 articles, up from 3.
  • Schedule hidden entirely, now accessed with a drop-down (button top right)
  • Social media streamlined and now includes live twitter feed, which is controlled by the studio dj’s.
  • Scrolling down now provides access to 6 more articles, with infinite scrolling (up from ZERO).
  • Articles now load in a frame, without interrupting the stream or chat.  Previously the blog was hosted separately and required opening a new window.
  • Any article linked externally will load that article in a frame, but still loads the video and chat.  ALL visitors to Soundpond articles will now be exposed to the currently live show, every time.
  • Browsing back to the home screen does not interrupt the stream or chat.


Back End

  •  Article system now on a CMS, WordPress.  Simple login and creation of new articles (it’s essentially a blog system).
  • User access system, we can now sign up writers who can post directly to the site (one click approval).
  • Previous page required manual HTML edits, terribly slow workflow.
  • Expect a metric asstonne more content through our site now!
  • Automatic resizing of images.


Features coming

  • Article commenting via 3rd party social media (login with Facebook etc).
  • Schedule to be completed and each show updated.
  • Back end : Individual DJ login to the site.  DJ’s can update their own bio, show name, show photo.
  • Show profiles.  Automatic recording and archiving of each shows timeslot on their own channel.
  • DJ profiles.  Links to social media, soundcloud mixes, etc.  A one-stop-shop.
  • Schedule notifications.  Want to make sure you don’t miss your show?  One click and we’ll send you a facebook reminder and hour before it starts.
  • Chat room tie-in.  Visit the site, create an account ONCE and we’ll automatically log you into the chatroom with your own nickname.
  • Store tie-in.  Tracks your purchases through our site and offers you discounts for being a loyal member.
  • Category system.  Only want to read tech articles?  Pond Jams?  International guests?  One click and you’ll see an index!
  • Infinite scrolling (no need to click “see more articles”)


Public Suggestions 

  • Bring back the local time/clock < ACCEPTED
  • Suggestion : Tweet at Soundpond button for logged in twitter users < ACCEPTED
  • Streamline chatroom colours < Accepted (Acted on 15/02, may take day to update).


Known Bugs

  • Reported 19/02
    • Back end.  No style formatting for quotation (Quote tags do nothing)
  • Reported 18/02
    • You can’t copy/paste the link to an article on facebook, link just goes to the front page, but removing the #/ in the article URL fixes this.
    • Visiting from iPhone used to redirect to mobile site, now goes to main site.  Video does’t load, chat room bugs (have to scroll down to input text)
  • Reported 15/02
    • View All Article link doesn’t work if you come to the site via an article url (external link direct to article).
  •  Reported 14/02.
    • Zooming out in browser breaks layout.
    • Schedule system is not finished.
    • Comment area is glitchy (comment system unfinished).
    • Sometimes images will appear too large and glitch the layout.
    • Not super mobile-friendly yet.
    • No back button from articles.
    • Hashbangs in urls, sometimes linking directly to an article won’t load it properly.
    • Photo captions are not enclosed in photo frames, and don’t follow photo alignments.

Got an idea or feature you’d like to see on the site?  Spotted a bug?  Drop us a line at , , or!

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skyrack is Adelaide's online music station, launched in Dec 2009, and now reps 52 live shows a week with a focus on underground sounds. In 2014 we opened our own Bar, Gallery, and Training studios.