Hip Hop March – The Beats Pond Jam – Monday 4th March

March is all about hip hop on Soundpond.net. Each Monday we’ll be inviting a whole bunch of different crew into the studio to showcase their angle on hip hop. Gratifly has taken the reigns for Monday 4th March and will be combining hip hop and electronica for a night of beats to make you snap ya neck and move your soul and feet.

Gratifly introduces the crew he’s selected:

How Green
Green is one of the strong crop of local beat producers currently making waves on radio, blogs and labels worldwide. Recently performing a live score to the classic horror movie Nosferatu at Mercury Cinemas, Green is one of the very few beat artists repping 100% of their own sounds during a live show. Check it.

Vintage inc
Bubblin’ up from the depths, a collective of producers, instrumentalists, buskers and DJs bringing extra dimensions to the Oz hiphop sound. I’m looking forward to this performance, keep an eye on Vintage in 2013.


Forever evolving ahead of the curve, geto mixes the bleep with the boombap to animate the heart and hips.

It’s ya boy! I like future alien sounds without sirens. But you came to party so let’s dance. Catch me, Geto and guests every Wednesday night on Soundpond.net playing leftfield beats.


A true veteran, DK has been repping the forward edge of electronic music since the infamous 4R nights at Cargo while keeping one foot firmly in the hiphop camp. Never by the numbers, DK’s sets are always a journey and always to somewhere different.


Panic DJs
Soldiers in the next wave of young beat fiends, Soundpond.net residents Panic will unleash their latest projects from the lab.


John Spencer

The John Spencer beats explosion is always digging for gems, if you’re stuck in the Bill Clinton golden era rest assured Spencer will update your gramophone.

Gratifly’s beats jam streams live on Soundpond.net on Monday 4th March from 6pm (Adelaide time) on Soundpond.net as part of Hip Hop March.







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