March is all about hip hop on Soundpond.net. Each Monday we’ll be inviting a whole bunch of different crew into the studio to showcase their angle on hip hop. This Monday, Soundpond Host and Hip Hop nerd, “Mister Bizkut” (formally ANZAC) sits down with a few mates for a long awaited, in depth and mind tapping chat, one on one. Selecting a dream line up for a series of interviews and performances for a night to be remembered in the Hip Hop scene and Soundpond.net history. Each guest sitting down on the couch, as Mister Bizkut draws from them experiences, trials and errors, jubilations and advice from their lives not only as artists, but as students of Hip Hop. Throughout the interviews each guest will be asked to dig into their own personal crates and share with us music that has touched them in their lives that make them the artist and person they are today. This special night includes performances from all musical artists and DJs on the line up.

Joining Mister Bizkut to provide music for the house during breaks will be DJ LOTEK1200. A formidable turntablist and crate digger bringing heat on the ones n twos.

“Delta is one of the rawest talents to emerge from Australia. He is the beating heart of Aussie hip hop”- MURS (LA, Living Legends). Locally Bred, Nationally acclaimed, Universally respected. Delta is the humble master of Hip Hop in Australia. MC, Producer, Crate Digger, B-Boy, and most importantly forever a humble student/teacher of the culture. This interview and performance is not to be missed.

Respecting Hip Hop is the foundation of a true supporter and student of the culture. Dialect & Despair respect it, live it, breathe it and share all the beauty of its artforms. The MC & Producer/DJ team have gained all of that respect back from a growing fan base and fellow artists.

One of the rare DJ’s who mixes world class turntablism with an impeccable track selection of classic underground hip hop, others may try but Sanchez is the real deal. Winner of 2010 SpinDJ Comp and Mixtape extraordinaire.

King. It’s a title not used lightly in the realm of Hip Hop’s written word, aerosol art and modern graffiti world. Few people can lay claim to as many innovations, early building blocks and artistic direction of style as KAB can. We dig not only into his mind on the artform adopted as one of the elements of Hip Hop, but we dig into his crates as well to find the Style Kings soundtrack to his creative life.

Crate Sessions streams live on Soundpond.net on Monday 11th March from 6pm (Adelaide time) on Soundpond.net as part of Hip Hop March.

You can catch The Cookie Jar, hosted by Mister Bizkut, every Thursday 6-8pm (Adelaide time).

Facebook event here (For reminders and updates)  http://www.facebook.com/events/347310145374358/




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