Dubrat Wins Spin DJ 2013 – Interview

In a hotly contended final at Sugar also featuring sets from Joshua Pathon, Weez and Last Resort, it was the wide-reaching sounds of Dubrat that won him the Spin DJ 2013 title. Dubrat kept the crowd with a set full of surprises, spanning African percussion, hip hop, street bass, DnB, juke, bounce, trap, house and some less-easy-to-define sounds too. While jumping between genres and tempos, Dubrat’s set was still coherent and screamed freshness. We asked him about his tastes and the “Dubrat Sound”


How would you describe your sound?
Loose. Selections are a matrix of strict tastes and broad interests. My CD bag/USB is filled with jazz, drum and bass, underground pop, dancehall, house, whatever. I improvise sets, which can be stressful when there’s only a 2 minute block between mixes but I enjoy the challenge and freedom of blending anything with anything completely on a whim. The results can be mind blowing or an absolute train wreck but I don’t care, the risk is absolutely worth the reward. Fear is the mind killer.

You played a wide variety of genres in your winning set. What is it about certain sounds that attracts you to them?
It’s THAT vibe. Whether it gives you a dumb smile and shuffling feet or makes you start “bussin the gun finger inna di rave” I have to have that feeling or it doesn’t go into my bag. After that I go on instinct with what to pick and mix as the mood grabs me. I like to take myself on an interesting journey as much as the crowd. Back to back surefire bangers (I’m looking at you California Love) arranged with no emotional discretion are the hallmarks of a lazy DJ. Loud, fast and brash does not equal a powerful tune.

What sounds, labels and artists are you feeling the most right now?
I’m feeling future garage/UK bass as much as ever, certain sexy and dark strains of house/techno, juke and oldschool vocal jungle! I am not one for dropping names so I’ll just say Eastern Europe and Africa (particularly South Africa with it’s rich kwaito history) are on fire. Trap is currently inescapable but not necessarily a dirty word. Like dubstep before it there is a massive wave of shit tracks/remixes and shittier DJs giving it a bad name but a little digging on Tumblr or Bandcamp can reveal some real gems.

What would some of your favourite all time tracks be?
Lamb – Sweetheart, Aphex Twin – Vordhosbn, Teebee – Deception, Jamie Woon – Wayfaring Stranger (Burial remix), Zomby – Mu5h, Kate Bush – Under Ice, Aesop Rock – Big Bang, Bohren & der Club of Gore – Midnight Walker

What other Adelaide acts (bands/producers or DJs) are you into?
The most impressive thing I have heard recently is the Fission Theory EP on Cuckoo Music which is just brilliant. Question Question and the homies from Untzz Twelve Inch are doing some great progressive things also. Concerning live music my picks would be Xango!, S is for Spaceship and Monkey Puzzle Tree.

Where can we catch you playing?
This weekend at WOMAD and Future Music Festival. Total opposite ends of the spectrum but I relish the opportunity to share something in both environments. I also run what is currently Adelaide’s only underground bass night called “Slowdown Throwdown” roughly every month and of course the weekly Soundpond.net show “The Priest and The Beast” shared with my shaman twin/brood droog Joe Miller every Tuesday 10pm-midnight.

Dubrat is the winner of Spin DJ 2013 and wins a set at Future Music Festival, a set WOMADelaide, $1500 worth of advertising from Fringe Benefits, a $500 voucher from Derringers Music, a $100 voucher from Inbound Records, a carton of Little Creatures Pale Ale and a carton of Hills Apple Cider. 

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