Breaking into our office? Don't leave your Facebook logged in


Thursday 11th July, both of the usual crew here weren’t feeling well so decided on a late start.  3pm Adam arrives at the office, opens the door, and notices the flyscreen jammed sideways in a damaged window and mess all over the office.  Unusual.  All our valuables are usually locked in storage, but after a recent project they were left out on the table for a night.  Potentially a fair bit’s worth…so step 1 was the call the police and report the matter.  They advised us it would be preferred if we didn’t enter, until a patrol could come and dust for prints.  Unsure if anything was actually missing, we said sure, come on down.

So the cops rock up and start dusting for prints, finding quite a few on the frame and glass.  We start going through the footage.  5:30am we see a hand come through the window, which was likely completely closed, so would have required a bit of force to crack open.  Quite a bit.  About then things got weird.  UPDATE : What happened afterwards, and a public apology letter , see


 5:30am : First thing we see, is a hand coming through the window to move the fan out the way.


 We have some hair.  Someone climbing in the window after busting the lock.


 Wait, what?  It’s a chick?  A pretty well-dressed one too?  Not what we were expecting.


 First thing she does is skull a litre of our water, then casually jump on facebook and youtube.  For an hour.  At this point the cop dusting prints is completely flabbergasted.  He just keeps repeating “This is weird”.


Our intrepid adventurer gets tired and dozes off while on youtube.  Stays here another hour or so.


So it’s now about 7:30am and broad daylight.  Our adventurer grabs a Hoodie and makes herself a cosy little nap nest under our table.  She stays there another hour or so.


Oh FUCK no.  Not our hoodie.  It’s now broad daylight and about 10am.  She’s been in there about 4.5 hours.


On the way out.


Smile for the cameras.

Here’s the best part.  About this time we realised the cops now have her fingerprints, DNA (from bottles), video footage, and…when we checked skips computer, she’d left herself logged into facebook.  With chat windows open talking about how much fun she was having with unlimited wine.  Asking friends to come and “rescue her” because she “accidentally” got “locked in to the backroom”.  Anyway, here’s a timeline.

  • She goes to Sugar wed night.
  •  Calls them at 5:30am asking if her bag is there.  Staff tell her to check tomorrow.
  • She gets pissed off, decides she’s going to break into sugar and get her bag.
  • She goes down the rear alley, thinks our office is Sugar, and breaks in.
  • She drinks our water, drinks our booze, and jumps on facebook.
  • The night catches up to her and she passes out.
  • She wakes up, and makes herself breakfast.  Unfortunately, the ice-cold dumplings she gets out our fridge are at least 2 weeks old….
  • After having a nap, and staying in the office for 5 hoursshe exits, leaving herself logged into facebook.
  • After leaving, she comes back and throws the hoodie back into the office.  Nothing else appears missing.

So, we know who she is.  We’ve got photos of her at the venue.  We’ve got her on video breaking into our office.  A fair bit of damage has been done to our window and tables, but she didn’t rack a bunch of stuff lying around.  We’re really unsure how we feel about it, but damn, what a story.  The cop said he’s never even heard of something like this before, ha.

What do you think we should do?  Charges?  Give her a chance to fix up?  Leave a comment below.
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