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2:00 pm

Interested in hosting your own Soundpond radio show? Contact the team on the Soundpond facebook page to apply now!


4:00 pm

Restore yourself back to health every Monday from 4-6pm. Checkers bringing you the best in Bounce, Minimal, Techno and Trance to cure the weekend hangover.

6:00 pm
Pizza Night

Pizza Night.
Dine in or take away.
A small but tasty House Menu is on offer.
Open: Monday Nights 6-8pm
Serving Pizzas for over 20 years.
Position vacant: Seeking delivery drivers

8:00 pm
Who Shot Mr. Gurnz?
Matt Gunn

Join me as I take a mystery tour through bass music each Monday from 8pm – 10pm. Every genre is a suspect.

10:00 pm
The Afterlife
Brok Powell X Jake Jenkins

It’s Monday night, the weekend is well and truly dead. But that’s no reason not to keep going in the afterlife. Join Jenks and Brok Obama for a selection of bass-forward beats.

2:00 pm
Jack Stewart

The swoon cast is about dropping all those melbourne tunes, from bounce to minimal to psy trance it’s sure to be one hell of a drop.

4:00 pm
Blinnky Beats
Beau Linn

Top koalaty music taking you on a journey through the styles we grew up with until today. With a focus on the best local producers and guests helping you finish off the work day with a bang. Tuesday 4pm – 6pm.

6:00 pm
Midnight Munchies
Yung Sven

Every Tuesday we go on a bass journey from grime to trap and every little dirty thing inbetween. I plan on feeding you bass.

8:00 pm
The DFoe and Jon-E Variety Show
DFoe X Jon-E

For years DFoe and Jon-E were a team, a team matched by no other, the team broke up due to tragic circumstances BUT…. we have now been reunited with a brand new SoundPond extraordinaire! Showcasing all the best new and old tunes played in the clubs, including ARIA charts, we will bring the fun, great tunes and even better banter for your enjoyment. We will have guest DJs and interviews plus a Top 10 in which the listeners can vote each week! Tune in Tuesdays from 8-10pm!

10:00 pm

You might have seen him playing at various venues around Adelaide – Electric Circus (The TakeAway Project) – BlackBull – Red Square – Saracens – Rocket Bar & Laneway to name a few. MUNKED sure knows how to get a crowd rocking with all your favourite new & old club tracks but where his heart & Passion truly lies, is within the captivatingly dark, heavy & enchanting melodies of the “Underground..”.

2:00 pm
Wine & Quackers

Join me as I showcase some of the finest drops around.
Sit back, relax and enjoy.

4:00 pm
Thot 97
shi'LO (死'LO)

Aptly named after the “home of hip hop and rnb”, shi’LO (死’LO) of Thot97 brings the deepest cuts from the Wonderful World of Hip Hop. Bringing new weekly topics varying from Album Reviews, Special Guests and Label Spotlights, shi’LO aims to educate his audience on all things Hip Hop.

6:00 pm
Good Show
David Musch

Not so regular, not so special guests.
Talkback encouraged.
Music inconsistent.

8:00 pm
Alex Pickering

For those who don’t ever want the party to end.
Minimal and Tech presented for those who believe the best time to dance is when the sun comes up.
Tune in to to get the best of the Melbourne morning clubs.

10:00 pm
Souterra Sessions

Bass music: “an umbrella term that refers to various styles of music including dubstep, drum and bass, future bass, trap, grime, and bass house”. Tune in to Soundpond for Souterra Sessions every Wednesday from 10-12pm as Doobwr + guests explore the depths of the term “bass music”.

2:00 pm
Afternoon Snacks
Sean Worthely

All your bass music needs.

4:00 pm
Smooth Transitions
Eric Stephens & Nik C

Bringing you up to date with underground house tech and techno.

6:00 pm
Tom Reeve

Good music.

8:00 pm
Tuna Bizzo
Pedro Moshman

My name is Pedro Moshman I am a multigenrelist with a diverse music collection thats been building since 1988 when i first bought my Technics 1200s and a mixer. My quest is to find new sounds, Old School or New School, and play them to as many people i can. Love Mosh.

10:00 pm
Rusha X Stutta

Representing the full spectrum of drum and bass flavour; breakbeat connoisseurs Stutta and Rusha aim to bring you 2 hours of the finest jungle inspired sounds each week + monthly featured guest sets.

2:00 pm
Jacob Fort
Jacob Fort
4:00 pm
Jason Lee Presents diggin' deep
Jason Lee

Playing something different every week, anything from jazz soul funk disco house and anything in between. check out my mixes at soundcloud.com/djjasonlee

6:00 pm
Grit and friends

Grit and friends, bringing you the best vibes and the freshest beats every Friday 6-8, playing you everything from future, hiphop, bass, trap, house and everything vibey tune in !

8:00 pm
Ripe bass with Fuzzy Peach and Joel Newton
Fuzzy Peach X Joel Newton

Ripe bass with fuzzy peach and Joel Newton

2 hours of Bass and trap from current to classic.

Showcasing all the best tunes from Adelaide and the world, with regular guests and Mcs

10:00 pm
The Rev Up
Theo Skonis

The Rev Up will be showcasing all things Trance and Bigroom. With emotional breakdowns and melodic drops, it is the only way to kickstart your weekend. If you like to be taken on a journey with music then this is the show for you. Tune in every Friday from 10pm to get your fix of bigroom and trance.

12:00 am
Lost Noise
Big Ben

Ben Thomas (aka Big Ben) makes his first foray into Australian radio with his soundpond show; Lost Noise. Serving up some sweet treats and heavy beats, this is the soundtrack to your between-club-taxi journeys or for London listeners, getting you in the mood for Friday night. Featuring Sample Selector, exclusive tracks from all over the world and a crate digging battle with various djs and producers. If you weren’t going out before you tuned in, you will be after listening to this.

2:00 pm
Valley Three

Strange sounds, double-timed hi-hats and an abundance of 808’s. Valley Three showcases meticulously hand-picked experimental trap beats. Every Saturday 2-4pm. Soundcloud @dropbaer for a taste of what to expect

4:00 pm
Haus Bizness
Tommy Cj and Jamunjii

In the beginning, there was Jack, and Jack had a groove. And from this groove came the groove of all grooves. And while one day viciously throwing down on his box, Jack boldy declared, “Let there be HOUSE!” and House Music was born… The world changed drastically on that fateful day – more joy was brought into the world, more groove, more soul, more vibe.
With the return of Soundpond.net, Tommy Cj and Jamunji are here to provide you with that same joy, taking you through your Saturday afternoon (4-6pm) with some of the latest (and greatest) House (Tech/Deep/UK/Garage/Jackin) tunes available, with discussions on the latest developments in the scene, regular guest DJs and all-round good vibes.

6:00 pm
Big VS Little
Taylor & Eamonn Elliott

Two heads are better than one right??
Taylor & Eamonn Elliott join forces in the ultimate battle to decide who does the dishes when they get home.
Saturdays 6-8PM.
Tune in!

8:00 pm

Start your Saturday nights with Tobi as she showcases the best of today’s bass music you haven’t heard.

10:00 pm
Warehouse Snax
Matais & Cusack

Weekly Techno and Tech-House music served up on a dirty plate. Presented by hosts Cusack and Matais.

Matais is one of Australia’s hottest Techno prospects, having signed to heavily respected international labels such as Natura Viva, Kinetika Records and Australia’s own Chameleon Recordings. Matais’ works have also been supported by A-list artists such as Richie Hawtin, Joesph Capriati, Arjun Vagale (Suara) and Fabio Florido (Minus).

Cusack is a cutting edge Techno DJ who has run successful nights and supported some of the best acts; having experienced the European Techno scene first hand Cusack techno collection and musical knowledge is second to none. Be prepared to hear things you didn’t know exist.

Make sure you tune in every Saturday night from 8-10pm on Soundpond to experience exclusive tracks, live guests, interviews and much more.

12:00 am
The Stand In
El T

The Stand In is all about showing love for all music. We want you to get involved and have your say. Guest DJ appearances, album reviews and new segments to come. Come hang out!

2:00 pm

It’s Sunday and you need to recover with more tunes, join Suiyy and friends to help you recover from the weekend and get back into the groove. Covering music from genres of House/Dance/Trap/Dubstep and everything in between. Each show you will recover with the darkest of basslines.

4:00 pm
DJ Aeterna X DJ Cambershae

From the shadowy depths of dancefloors the world over. Escape with us and come and enjoy the obscure melodies and driving beats of the darker side of techno, Sunday sessions from 4-6pm.

6:00 pm
8:00 pm
Wazza presents "The Groove Train"
Wazza Wright

Classic House, Soulful/jackin House, Funk, disco,  classic 80s groove, 90s r&b… Anything FuNkY

10:00 pm
LIS/n Up Sundays

Sunday sesh getting out of hand? Need something to calm you down so you can get ready for work in the morning? – look elsewhere. However if you’re keen to end your week with a bass slap to the face with a palm full of Dubstep, Drum and Bass and whatever else LIS/n feels like throwing down to – you’re in the right place, every Sunday night, 10PM-12AM.



Soundpond.net is nearly 5 years old, and was a first in Australian broadcasting. An entirely online and 100% live broadcast music studio in Adelaide, where local and international talent come to perform.

It was born of a simple desire to represent underground electronic music which still isn’t widely catered for on the FM dial.  It now features 10 hours of entirely live performance every weekday, and 12 hours of entirely live performance every Friday/Saturday.  Real, breathing people are in our dedicated city studio from 2pm until 12am, and 2pm until 2am on Saturday every single week.